"About Us"

Bird Control Specialist

Rob Wernaart

Rob has been involved in the Bird and Animal Control industry most of his life. His father was the Superintendent of a Raptor Rehabilitation facility. Members of the public would bring in injured and orphaned birds and sometimes animals for treatment and care. Rob’s passion for animals was cultivated at an early age helping his father at the rehabilitation facility. Rob mastered his bird catching skills assisting his father, a Master Bird Bander. Together they would catch, band and release all types of birds for research purposes.

Flamborough Bird & Wildlife began in 2016 from Rob’s passion. Prior to Flamborough Bird & Wildlife, Rob worked for a large pest control company in the Greater Toronto Area.

Flamborough Bird & Wildlife is a full bonded and insured company. We are committed to providing the best in the industry and are proud to have obtained and uphold the following licences and certifications:

* Elevated Work ¨Platform Training

* Ontario Falconry Licence and member in good standing with Ontario Hawking Club

* Structural Pest Control Operators Licence

* Possession and Acquisition Gun Licence

* Small Games Hunting Licence

* Structural Pest Licence

*Member in Good Standing of Structural Pest Management Operators Association of Ontario


* Working At Heights

*Ontario Fur Managers Federation Trapper Course Graduate and Member in good standing

"Proven success rate for bird and animal removal"

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