About Us



Wildlife Control

We offer a wide variety of Wildlife Programs to remove those unwanted animals from your commercial and residential establishments. With live trapping and exclusion to keep them from coming back.

Bird Control

We offer a wide variety of Bird Removal and Exclusion Programs such as Bird Netting, Spikes, Bird Wire for Pest Birds. Live Pigeon Trapping with guaranteed results. Gull harassment programs with Falconry, Commercial Fireworks, Distress Calls and Lasers including the assistance with Canadian Wildlife Service / Environment Canada permits as Gulls are a protected species. Goose Harassment Programs including Relocation Services. A permit is also required for Geese.

Pest Control

We offer a full Pest Control Service Program that includes but is not limited to Mice, Rats, Insects, Spiders and Flies. With current trapping techniques, fly lights and other methods, we will customize the right program to fight your needs and your budget.